Spinach "Bacon" Quinoa Bowl


organic ingredients: quinoa (gently steamed), spinach, kale, portobello mushroom, dates.
coconut bacon:
coconut, tamari*, maple syrup, liquid smoke, grapeseed oil, spices.
balsamic vinaigrette:
olive oil, balsamic vinegar, himalayan salt, black pepper, lemon juice.
*contains soy

Perhaps the most striking health benefit provided by quinoa is its overall nutrient richness. When the nutrient composition of this food is analyzed in depth, the results are unusual. While quinoa can be eaten in the same way as a grain, or ground into flour like is so commonly done with grains, it is high in protein and gluten-free, unlike grains.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Francesca A. (Washington, US)
The best salad

This is my fave food option! Yum! Hope it’s always available.

Saba H. (Washington, US)
The BEST lunch ever!!

I look forward to the delicious and notionally sound goodness of the Spinach "Bacon" Quinoa Bowl. its filling and creative. the combination of ingredients are yummy and fresh they leave you with a clean pallet because there are no preservatives .

Jade H. (Laurel, US)
So delicious

I was a little skeptical but all the ingredients worked so well together!

patti (Falls Church, US)
Loved it!

Savored it until I felt the portabella mushrooms had expired.

Carole H. (Vienna, US)
Yummy bowl!

Really great mix of ingredients! The dressing was great on it. Quinoa a bit bland but everything else was great!