Celery Juice Packs, Frozen

organic ingredients: celery

  • Each bottle is 16 oz of cold-pressed juice and then frozen immediately. Simply thaw when ready to nourish!
  • Feel the power of adding celery juice to your day! 16 oz a day, first thing in the morning, is recommended. Or try more per day if you really need to re-boot! Just be sure to make a healthy, nutrient rich dinner as celery is not a meal replacement. 
  • Celery juice is not a passing trend or fad. It will still be here in twenty years time because it works. Celery juice is not backed by funding or an interest group with an agenda. The Global Celery Juice Movement that was originated by Anthony William is and always will be a grassroots movement that has grown rapidly because it actually works.



Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Resa P. (Arlington, US)
Very good!

So convenient to buy frozen juice. Thaws easily and still delicious.

Lynn (Bethesda, US)
Celery great. But....

Hi there, I love your juices. Please review your orders more carefully though. I ordered other juices as well and requested frozen but those were sent to me NOT frozen. Had to change my whole juice schedule. I wrote it in the notes.

Dr. B. (Gaithersburg, US)

I am impressed with Puree Juice Bar! I will continue to be a consistent customer!!

Ms. R. (Washington, US)
Celery! Frozen 6 pk

How convenient! I take the frozen juice out the day before and let it thaw in the fridge. If I forget, I put it in a pitcher of cold water and it thaws in a couple of hours. Great detox as a first beverage in the morning. It does clean you out (if you know what I mean) I’ve purchased 2 times already and I will continue to add this to my cleansing regimen!

Frederick P. (Stratford, US)
Celery juice