Philosophie Superfood Blends


All 3 superfood blends are raw, gluten-free, 100% organic, fair-trade, and made with only the purest, most potent ingredients on earth. You'll notice the difference, we promise! 

Green Dream is composed of plant-based proteins—nature's purest ingredients—and an amazing blend of superfoods that provide a natural, caffeine-free power boost for your body! The blend’s star ingredient, spirulina, is an antioxidant-rich, blue-green algae that is packed with nutrients including iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, vitamin B-12, and protein. 

green dream organic ingredients: spirulina, maca, mesquite, hemp powder, chia seeds, vanilla

Cacao Magic is extremely high in antioxidants and magnesium, with no added sugar. This blend is created with Chinese herbs, rare medicinal mushrooms, and superfoods sourced from all over the world, including raw cacao powder, which provides the blend’s chocolate flavor.

organic ingredients: cacao powder, cacao nibs, reishi, mesquite, maca, chia seeds, hemp protein, vanilla

Berry Bliss is high in antioxidants, protein, vitamin A, and contains camu camu—one of the world's most abundant forms of vitamin C. No fillers means you only need a small amount of this perfect mix to feel a shift in your energy! 

organic ingredients: acai, goji, sprouted brown rice protein, pomegranate, camu camu, mangosteen, maca