You get benefits from eating celery but think of juice as a concentrated form of the veggie. It is not the same thing. While eating celery stalks is healthy and delicious in a salad, it is not the same as drinking pure cold pressed celery juice. 16 oz of juice is about one whole stalk, you aren't going to eat a whole stalk of celery, but you can get the nutrient density of a whole stalk with a glass of celery juice!

When you juice celery, you remove the pulp, which contains fiber, and the healing benefits of the vegetable become that much more powerful and bioavailable. This is why it is recommended for people with chronic illnesses. In addition, when drinking celery juice, you are actually consuming more celery than as raw celery stalks.

Another benefit of drinking celery juice is in the cluster salts. You cannot get these concentrated undiscovered cluster salts when eating celery. They are not just mineral salts, they are far more specialized. These unique cluster salts support the liver’s immune system and bind onto toxins to flush them out of the liver. The salts also provide help for your stomach to rebuild your hydrochloric acid that breaks down protein.

Last, but not least, drinking celery juice increases and strengthens your bile. And that is another important reason why you should juice your celery. For more detailed information about cold pressed celery juice benefits, be sure to checkout Anthony William and his book, Celery Juice The Most Powerful Medicine of our Time.

celery and celery juice

How to incorporate into your morning routine

The routine or the celery juice challenge is simple. Every morning, you drink about sixteen ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach. You want fresh, and plain celery juice with no other ingredients. To get that much juice, it takes about one large bunch of celery stalks. Just remember, celery juice is not a caloric beverage, so it is not a substitute for breakfast. You still need to consume breakfast for energy in the morning. Just wait 20 minutes after drinking celery juice to get your breakfast.

How to get celery juice into your life

  • If you suffer from chronic illness, you need more juice, so up the consumption up to 24 to 36 ounces of juice. You can drink all of it in the morning, or split into two servings
  • If you cannot consume celery juice before food, the second best option is to drink it 15-30 minutes after you had your first meal in the day
  • For those of you with a sensitive stomach that cannot drink 16 ounces, start with a smaller amount, like two to eight ounce, and increase as you go along
  • If you are too sensitive to celery juice, start with cucumber juice, and after one month of drinking cucumber juice, try celery juice again
  • Make sure to use organic celery as much as possible. Wash your celery very well if using conventional
  • Make celery juice fresh, and drink it immediately afterward. Try to drink it no longer than 24 hours after making. Store juice in a glass mason jar with a lid in the fridge
  • You can freeze celery juice and defrost it for drinking
  • If you have a busy morning, you can save some time by rinsing the celery and chopping it in the night and have it ready for juicing in the morning
  • Changes in bowel movement are to be expected, as it is a normal detox reaction of your body
  • Some people prefer to leave the celery leaves, others remove it. The juice will have a bitter taste if you leave the leaves on

Celery Juice Infographic