suggested order for cleanses

Drinking Plan

Congratulations on committing to a cleanse! Below is our suggested order for each cleanse... but remember it is just that - a suggestion.
The important aspect is that you are giving your digestion a break and flooding your body with accessible nutrients. Make it your own.
If you are craving Bunny Brew for breakfast, then do it! Make yourself happy and flood your body with healthy, clean, organic juice in glass bottles.
Happy Cleansing! xo


Pure Cleanse

Our entry level cleanse. Great for first-timers or those coming from the SAD. Familiar to the palette with more fruit.

1. Mean Lemon-Aid

2. Easy Green

3. 22 Karat

4. Daily Green

5. Grapefruit

6. Fall Greens Chia


Purify Cleanse

Our middle level cleanse. Great for those who have cleansed before or have a diet with less processed foods.

1. Green Lemon-Aid

2. Easy Green

3. Bunny Brew

4. Daily Detox

5. Daily Green

6. Fall Greens Chia


Clear Verde

Our most powerful cleanse with the most greens. Great for experienced cleansers or if you need a strong reset and are a green juice fan.

1. Black Magic

2. Daily Green

3. Green Goddess

4. Cucumber

5. Green Goddess

6. Fall Greens Chia

all levels

Progression Cleanse

Ease into more greens each day with this cleanse full of variety. Perfect for first timers or experienced cleansers.

1. Follow Pure Cleanse

2. Follow Purify Cleanse

3. Follow Clear Verde Cleanse

all levels

Juice 'Till Dinner

Simply nourish yourself with 4 juices throughout the day, and enjoy a healthy meal in the evening with your friends and loved ones.

1. Seasonal Lemon-Aid

2. Daily Green

3. Green Goddess

4. Vanilla Almond Mylk

all levels

Fresh Fusion

Yes, you can eat on a cleanse! Perfect for beginners or as a maintenance plan.

1. Mean Lemon-aid

2. Easy Green

3. Bunny Brew

4. Daily Green

5. 1 entree by Purée

6. 1 dessert or salad by Purée

customize your cleanse


Shots included in your cleanse can be used to customize juices or on their own for added boosts of nutrients. May we suggest:

Ginger - make a tea with hot water, lemon, ginger and lemon. Delicious in Lemon-Aids and 22 Karat.

Beet - take on it's own as a boost before or after gentle exercise. Delicious in Lemon-Aids and Grapefruit.

Kale - add to any juice for more greens power or take it on it's own.

Detox Shot - delicious on it's own, or make a tea with hot water and honey. Great boost to any juice!