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Berry Banana Shake
Always Delicious

I get the same smoothie whenever I go and it's perfect every time! Love the new smoothie bowls too.

Absolute favorite!

This is amazing stuff, and the ingredient profile is excellent. Love the flavor, smooth, and high quality. Well worth it, and my body tells me every time I drink it.

Excellent juice

Excellent juice! Effective as a prepared ahead of time!


Bunny Brew was excellent! Well balanced blend, super fresh, really good. I loved it!

Healthy & Delicious

Very good

Avocado Shake
Excellent drink

I was very pleased with my avocado shake. It was fresh and delicious. My only small complaint was the barista didn’t offer to give me the excess drink in a complimentary cup as a prior barista did so as not to waste any of the drink I paid for. I had to ask for the overflow. But she did give it to me upon reuse.

Awesome Milk/Mylk

This beverage is a fantastic idea, and it inspired me to try making it. I would only suggest adding 1 more date for an even sweeter profile—like I do at home! Yours is the redefinition of milk; no need to change the spelling. Can't let industries that promote unhealthy adult nursing claim the name.

Smoothie Bowls (old Acai Bowls)
Great refreshing bowl

The berry açaí bowl is fantastic.

Satisfying Treat

I like that it is individually wrapped. Great for when I am traveling or at work.
Since I prefer healthier option and look for good ingredients, I appreciate having treats that taste good.


This is my favorite {green} juice by Purée. It takes like celery milk almost - clear, sweet, smooth and cleansing. It's pure. (The only other green juice they offer - without fruit - is Green Goddess and I think the romaine makes it too bitter..!). Medical medium made this drink famous. I often buy two - one for the next day because it's so good for you.


The taste WAY exceeded my expectations. The flavor, the texture....even down to the smell made for a super tasty treat!


I had a cold and the woman behind the counter advised me to get JAMU. It tasted great and helped me feel better

Celery great. But....

Hi there, I love your juices. Please review your orders more carefully though. I ordered other juices as well and requested frozen but those were sent to me NOT frozen. Had to change my whole juice schedule. I wrote it in the notes.

Vitamin & Mineral Boost

This green juice will make you feel healthy and energized for the day!

Nice taste!

Nice overall blend of flavors! Only dehydrated kale i’ve found without nutritional yeast. In place they use cashews to get the cheesy cream flavor. Big thumbs up!

Very Flavorful

Very flavorful for being a raw food meal!!!

Perfect Balance

Perfect balance of greens and sweet fruit. Very refreshing!

********** 10 stars +

I love it - just wish it was not quite as expensive so I could have it daily and often.

Orange Lassi Shake
Love this place

Awesome job compared to across the street from you guys.

22 Karat
Delicious and nutritious

Perfect consistency and sweet and fulfilling at same time. So good

Green Goddess Review

This drink tastes very strongly of romaine lettuce and was a little hard to drink, I think you have to be a fan of juiced lettuce in order to drink this, I am going to stick to daily greens!

I love this celery juice...

Its 100%pure celery juice fresh and delicious!


Great shot, perfect combination of flavors. I enjoyed it very much.

Cacao Mint Chip Shake
Like ice cream

Recommend w coffee + almond butter

These are fantastic!

These are fantastic! They are cream, smooth and delicious treats with good ingredients!
Thank you!