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Based on 2702 reviews

I will definitely be ordering more. Very tasty!

Must try- deliciously raw

The first time trying this wrap and I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was. I would say this is my favorite food item puree has. I practice raw veganism with an emphasis on eating primarily raw fruit so this was a delightful treat, very savory. My only con is that the label has “vegan” on it and the sauce contains honey. I don’t consider honey to be vegan or raw so I was disappointed to see this, an agave or maple syrup alternative would be an easy fix and then it could properly be labeled vegan. Otherwise, delicious

Refreshing with a kick

One of my top two favorite drinks at Puree. The strawberries in this drink make it bright and refreshing while the ginger gives it a nice kick, I pick one of these up every single time I go. 10/10

Incredible taste

I tried the sweet coconut mylk while doing my 3 day juice cleanse and it was such a treat. I didn't know what to expect but it is now my new favorite drink!! Since finishing my cleanse I have bought sweet coconut mylk multiple times because it's that good!

Exquisitely Delightful 👨🏾‍💻

Puree Juice Bar's Celery Juice in the morning is exquisitely, convenient

The Detoxifyer
Hint of Garlic

I love the Detoxifier - not too garlicky! The beets are very refreshing as well. Excellent duo!

Don’t Miss out...

This was my 1st time trying this new drink at Puree. It was such a pleasant surprise. If you love a tropical flavors this drink is for you.

Drink for a King and Queen

Green Godess is a delicious green drink made for royalty. It’s bursting with flavor and tons of vitamin c too. Give it a try, you’ll be happy you did.


This drink is a breath of fresh air. It’s packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients and tastes yummy too. If you’re looking for a tasty green drink you should definitely try this one.

One of my favorites!

This juice goes is an excellent addition to the already extensive selection. It’s refreshing and tastes so good!

Love this!

Perfect combo of flavors. Love the cinnamon.

Golden delight

Great way to start off your morning! Great blend of ginger and turmeric.

Great taste!

Be sure to shake well. I’ve used it in my milk steamer for coffee. Wonderful coconut taste.


Wonderful blend. One of my favorite drinks

So fresh!

Clean, fresh and delicious! Loved it!

Doesn't Taste How It Looks

Next to the solid greens without sweeteners, including 100% celery juice, this comes in as a healthy, sweet-ish alternate. Used it recently during a liquids only fast/cleanse and felt like it was clean and supportive.

My New Fave -- Tart and Turmeric

Bottled sunset...really like this--I think it's a new fave. Tart and refreshing and satisfying.

Go Green Shake

Best tasting hands down! I was full for most of the day.

Awesome way to start the day!

This is currently my favorite juice and has become part of my morning routine. Familiar orange and grapefruit but huge benefits from other ingredients. And delicious!

Sounds horrible but tastes great!

I was nervous about cabbage juice, but Daily Detox has become one of my favorites. Great taste and awesome benefits!


Fabulous. So refreshing and really makes me feel great!!!

Avocado Shake
Good Shake

This shake has lots of good ingredients - remove dates if you don't want additional sugar. Also - please offer different proteins that have less additives!

I love this one is not bad. Taste a little sweet

One of my favorites!!!

The Choco Maca Coconut Mylk is one of my absolute favorites! I love pairing it with gluten free granola for breakfast or a snack. It is not too sweet too, which I prefer! Highly recommend!

Delicious and Satisfying!

I’ve done about 10 juice cleanses from 4 other juice bars in the past. Puree is by far my favorite! Every juice and mylk is to perfection. I like the juice until dinner cleanse because I get the benefits of a cleanse but I’m not hangry, which is a benefit to all. Usually after a cleanse I’m excited to get back on solid foods. After this cleanse I felt so good that I decided to extend my juice to dinner cleanse another 4 days.