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The only all organic, non-pasteurized, cold-pressed juice in glass bottles in the DC area, now available anywhere.

All organic. If we are out of it, we couldn't get organic. We don't believe in "organic whenever possible." We believe in concentrated phyto-nutrients without chemicals or pesticides. You will always get the cleanest juice from Puree.

No pasteurization. Don't be fooled by HPP.  Don't be fooled by semantics. "Cold water bath," "pressurized," and "HPP" are all synonyms for pasteurization. Pasteurized juice is de-natured and processed. Bottom line is if the shelf life is over 3 days, it is pasteurized. End of story.

 Glass bottles. Glass is clean. Glass will not leach harmful chemicals into your juice. Glass keeps your juice colder and tasting better. While glass is our choice for local guests, we ship in in the best freezer safe plastic, HDPE. click here for more information on shipping.

Beautiful spaces. Join us at one of our locations to hang out, enjoy free wifi, and great conversation. We are honored to assist you on your wellness journey.

photo to right and below: Anise Hoachlander, Hoachlander Davis Photography; art: Elyse Harrison, Elyse Harrison Art; architect: Michael Belisle, Michael Belisle Design

Puree Juice Bar, Mosaic District, Fairfax VA



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HPP - What You Need to Know

HPP - What You Need to Know

The FDA forbids raw juice to be sold wholesale and distributed through retail channels. After being in the business for 8 years, I understand and agree with this law...
March 13, 2019 by Amy Waldman
The Celery Juice Craze is Here to Stay

The Celery Juice Craze is Here to Stay

Drinking celery juice can help you with blood pressure, inflammation, gut health, weight loss, cleanse your liver and bring overall health to your body...
March 12, 2019 by Amy Waldman
Celery Juice

Can't I Just Eat My Celery?

When you juice celery, you remove the pulp, which contains fiber, and the healing benefits of the vegetable become that much more powerful and bioavailable... 
March 11, 2019 by Amy Waldman