Juice is known to be full of carbohydrates, and is typically avoided by diabetics. Because it involves a lot of carbs and calories, people with diabetes fear their blood sugar levels will spike after drinking juice. However, not all juices contain high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates. Moreover, not all calories are created equal. People often forget that the important issue with calories is in the quality, not its quantity. Diabetic or not, counting calories is an antiquated way of staying healthy compared to looking at nutrient value. Raw juices offer low-carb options with multiple nutritious benefits that people with diabetes will benefit from. 

This article will specifically look at the best juice options for diabetics. We’ll be delving into what juices can actually help people with diabetes mitigate their disease, and even prevent it for at-risk individuals.

Celery Juice

Everyday Health suggests diabetics focus on juicing non-starchy vegetables such as celery, kale, broccoli and cucumber. These juices are great for people with diabetes because they don’t have as big of an impact on their blood sugar. Puree Juice Bar regards celery juice as the most popular health drink on the market today, and for good reason. It has multiple benefits for the gut, and can even help in reducing blood pressure and inflammation. Studies also show that eating celery can aid in preventing strokes, which many severe diabetics are prone to.

Cucumber and Apple Juice

This combination is known to help in lowering the risk of diabetes. The insulin-production hormone contained in cucumber can actually reverse the condition. What’s more is that the polyphenols in apples can prevent damage in beta cells, which are responsible for producing insulin in the body. Multiple studies have pointed out the role of apples in regulating blood sugar and decreasing the risk of diabetes by up to 28%.

Lemon Juice

Web MD notes that 16 ounces of a popular lemonade brand served in restaurants results in 60 grams of carbohydrates, something diabetics should avoid when dining out. However, this shouldn’t discourage someone with diabetes from ever drinking lemonade again. Homemade lemon juice can help in mitigating type 2 diabetes. Mixing freshly squeezed lemons, water and a zero-calorie sweetener tastes even better than many lemonade brands bought from a store. Lemons have a low glycemic index, with one lemon containing half the amount of sugar that an orange has. Moreover, the juice is full of soluble fiber and vitamin C, two things that can greatly benefit people with diabetes.

Diabetes has become a serious issue nowadays, and more needs to be done at home to prevent it. The World Health Organization notes that in 2016, around 1.6 million deaths were directly caused by the condition. In the U.S., diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes and blindness. This proves that the disease is a grave epidemic in the country. In Maryville University’s analysis of the U.S. healthcare industry, they report that chronic illnesses will affect nearly half the population by 2025. With this trend expected to grow, juices such as the aforementioned will not only help diabetics stay healthy, but also ensure that they are more likely to stay out of hospital and not incur expensive medical costs.