Veggie BLT

organic ingredients: flax seed, olive oil, lemon himalayan salt, cashew, olive oil, cucumber, carrot, purple cabbage, tomato
coconut bacon: coconut, tamari*, maple syrup, spices
*contains gf soy 


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
lanibas (Silver Spring, US)
Delcious BLT

Really enjoyed this. Delicious and very fresh. Raw, flax bread is great but just a bit too dry so makes it hard to eat as a sandwich. Still so good, would definitely order again.

Ariana G. (Washington, US)
Great w/ guacamole added

It’s a very satisfying sandwich but I felt like it was missing some flavor. I ate 1/2 of it as is and then ate my second half with guacamole added to it which made it great! Next time I might add green goddess to the sandwich.

Taylor R. (Potomac, US)

The veggie BLT is filled with several different vegetables. The cashew spread on the flax seed bread provides most of the flavor, as well as the coconut bacon. Overall, it is a delicious lunch/dinner to enjoy.

JS (Washington, US)
Hearty sandwich.

This sandwich had great texture and is very filling. I think it needs some sauce or avocado or vegan cheese to improve and round out the taste.

Nicole (Washington, US)
Light on flavor

This sandwich didn’t have as much flavor as I’d hoped based on some of the other food offerings at Purée. I still enjoyed it, but not a favorite.