It's every Mama's dilemma: you want your children to experience the magic and fun of Halloween, but you don't want the unhealthy candy load to send you and your little angels into a tail-spin of sugar terror! Not to mention the fact that so many candies on the market now are literally toxic. Dr Amy Myers has put together a list of the chemicals you may want to avoid at all costs and some healthy alternatives. Check out her article, Toxins in Candy: A Halloween Horror here

Not to worry because Puree has you and your little goblins covered. We have healthy treats for the whole family, including our new Guilt-Free Candy Bar (think healthy snickers) available only in Bethesda. The ingredient deck is super clean made with organic peanut butter, peanuts, dates, cacao powder, coconut oil, almond flour, maple syrup and Himalayan salt. We know some are allergic to peanuts, so we do have an almond butter version coming out soon, but we couldn't resist the nostalgic taste of the peanuts!

If the Guilt-Free Candy Bar doesn't get you excited, we also have our infamous Superfood Truffles and "Pot" Brownies. On the retail side, we have brought in Honey Mama's truffle bars, which are super clean and filled with super foods, Hu Chocolate, and other healthy goodies.

You can try swapping out the toxic candies for some of our healthier versions, while your little ones are sleeping! Or simply let them indulge this time and get some of our healthy treats so you can indulge your sweet tooth with your little angels... totally guilt free!