This season we challenge you to step away from restriction and food rules and instead live in the moment- embrace the communal aspect of each meal, the love, the intention, live consciously, respect ourselves and our bodies, and eat what makes us thrive and feel nourished. It is too easy to get overwhelmed, to overeat, and to wake up the next morning with panic or regret. This season let’s celebrate each victory- each moment spent with family, each tradition reawakened, each warming, cozy, familiar smell- and live freely. With holiday season in full swing, here are a few helpful swaps to try.

Do walks in the snow, cozy nights by the fire, hot chocolate, peppermint candy, and pumpkin pie become your MO? No reason for guilt or to go off of your wellness plan, because Purée has got you covered with our very own healthy versions of everyone's favorite Winter treats. One way we keep treats healthy is with Mother Natures best seasonings that are reminiscent of Winter and good for you, too. Our treats include healthy doses of cinnamon, cardamom, clove and ginger. You can read more about the health benefits of our favorite Winter healing spices, here

raw veganpumpkin pie
It’s Crack ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My office mates and neighbors have discovered my pumpkin pie stash from Purée and it’s all any of us want ever. I’ve had 3 people come in now and announce they were dreaming about it. There is no way we can only have this one month a year. Please make this a permanent offering. Pleeeeease!!"


Did someone say Pumpkin Pie? Our's is a cult favorite and is back in Bethesda by the slice or pre-order a whole pie online. This is not your Grandma's pumpkin pie... it is a healthy meal in itself made with real pumpkin, cashews, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, and of course, Winter spices. This is a totally guilt-free treat or meal, so take a moment to indulge and know you are truly nourishing yourself. Pumpkin has many health benefits including vitamin A, anti-oxidants and immune building properties. You can read more about the humble pumpkin here 

Pumpkin Pie is not our only amazing treat this year!  Golden Almond Mylk is made with fresh ginger, turmeric and cardamon, 3 very healing Winter spices. Try it warmed up after that winter walk in the cold and you will feel great. Our Choco Maca Mylk becomes a healthy hot chocolate when gently warmed. Just be careful not to heat it above 115 degrees so the nutrients stay in tact and the mylk doesn't 'break' (culinary term for the separation of the liquid content and  appears curdled).

And finally we have our Seasonal Peppermint Truffles! You can order these online or walk into our Bethesda store. We certainly hope our traditions can become yours and help you get through the Holiday Season in a healthful and mindful way!



Photo courtesy of Plant Craft. We love Rachel's delicious and easy vegan recipes! Our's doesn't come with the whipped cream, but we suggest coco-whip! Sure, CocoWhip has natural thickeners and sugar, but it's better for you than the real thing!