Juice 'Til Dinner


Juicing ‘til dinner is a popular way to remain focused, make better choices and keep from over-indulging. Simply nourish yourself with 4 juices throughout the day, and enjoy a healthy meal in the evening with your friends and loved ones. Available in 3 day increments only.
Each day you receive:

  • 16 oz Daily Green (pineapple, kale, cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger)
  • 16 oz Seasonal Lemon-Aid (seasonal fruit, lemon, cayenne, agave, filtered water)
  • 16 oz Vanilla Almond Mylk (vanilla, dates, almond, filtered water)
  • 16 oz Green Goddess (spinach, romaine, kale, cucumber, celery) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Lana G. (Bethesda, US)
A great way to recalibrate

This was my first-ever juice cleanse, and I really enjoyed it. It helped to reduce some bloating, and it also recalibrated my appetite and cravings. Days after the cleanse, I find myself feeling less hungry, eating smaller (healthier!) portions, and craving healthy foods (salads, raw veggies, etc.) instead of rich, sugary foods. I never felt hungry while doing the cleanse. I found three of the juices to be really tasty--I'd love to drink them regularly. The Green Goddess juice was a bit less tasty, but it honestly wasn't as bad as I envisioned a green juice like that would be! None of the juices were chunky (which I really hate); they were all nice and smooth. My favorites were the Strawberry Ginger Lemon-Aid and the Vanilla Nut Mylk. I highly recommend this cleans and would do it again!

Teresa B.
Best juice cleanse

Easy to do with a family

emily c. (Chevy Chase, US)
Loved it

I really liked this cleanse. Day 1 was a little hard but felt really great day 2 and 3. Would definitely do again. As always, staff was wonderful and helped me when wanting to switch one out.

lauren m.

Delicious!!! After day 1 i had so much energy and so
Clear headed!

Shauna S. (Bethesda, US)
Juice 'til Dinner or All Day!

I love Puree's Juices. They make it easy to fast by providing tasty and nutritional drinks that allow me to ditch food for a few days and feel lighter and more clear.
They used to have ginger shots which were great and I wish they still had them. I also wish they would include more ginger in the drinks; it gives both energy and flavor and makes it easier to fast. I didn't love the cucumber, but I know it's good for me; maybe 1 cucumber and 1 activated Charcoal drink instead? Thanx for your offerings~