A 3 day cleanse consisting of our 3 signature cleanses. Receive one day of Pure, Purify and Clear Verde. Enjoy this cleanse full of variety as each day reaches deeper and deeper to help eliminate toxins while allowing the digestive track to rest! An easy progression towards eliminating sweets and cravings while getting your greens on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Kelsey (Rockville, US)
Loved it

Great cleanse. So fresh and they all tasted great. Never felt hungry during the 3 days and was a good reset.

Suzy E. (Chevy Chase, US)
Great Juice Fast!

Progressions was a delicious 3 day juice fast. Each juice was filling and I never felt hungry. Looking forward to doing this fast again.

Lisa (Washington, US)
Progressions Cleanse was Great

I really enjoyed the Progressions cleanse. The variety was nice and the flavors were so fresh. I especially liked Bunny Brew and Daily Greens. The ginger shot was great, too.

Funke O. (Rockville, US)
Loved it!

The entire process was very enjoyable. I needed a reset. This did the trick. The juices for the most part were delicious. There were a couple that were just okay. Green goddess and the charcoal one. But that’s to be expected. I loved the ginger and turmeric shots and used them for tea in the morning. The beet shot was great to add to the green goddess to give more flavor and sweetness and the kale shot was good to add to the easy greens to give it more greens. It was a great experience and I never felt hungry. Would definitely recommend!

Mary H. (Hagerstown, US)
Great Juice and Customer Service

The juice is delicious and the staff at the Plant is very helpful and friendly.