A 3 day cleanse consisting of our 3 signature cleanses. Receive one day of Pure, Purify and Clear Verde. Enjoy this cleanse full of variety as each day reaches deeper and deeper to help eliminate toxins while allowing the digestive track to rest! An easy progression towards eliminating sweets and cravings while getting your greens on.

Customer Reviews

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Dawson T.
Decent juuu

This was a solid cleanse. I wouldn't recommend for your first one but not the most difficult either. Must of the juices were tasty. One issue I had was a few mixed up juices(only had one lemonade and green goddess).

Brad N. (Bethesda, US)
Progression 3 day

I did a 3 day juice cleanse after stopping by the Bethesda store and picking up my juice. Everything was packaged perfectly. I hadn't done a juice cleanse in many years and was a bit unsure if I could make it the full 3 days without cheating and eating. The gentleman that assisted me suggested that if I was hungry I could add a very plain lettuce salad at dinner with lemon juice and a few drops of olive oil. I ended up adding the salad at dinner time on nights 1 and 2 and it really helped me feel fine. I was still a little hungry going to bed on night 1. On night 2 I felt very comfortable and wasn't hungry. And I never got very hungry at all on day 3. In fact, at the end of the 3rd day I had the last bottle and just didn't feel like I needed it, so I skipped it and started my day with it the following morning. I felt really good about it all and lost a little over 6 pounds (which was one of my goals of the cleanse). I thought that the selections Puree made in the Progression cleanse were excellent and I look forward to doing this again very soon.

Wendi G.G. (Laurel, US)
Progressions Cleanse

I am on day 3 of the progressions cleanse and I feel great. I am going to extend the cleanse for an additional 3 days and then move to the last 3 days of juice and food. Amy was very helpful in helping me decide what to do and how to transition. I have been using Puree for several years and am always pleased with the service and the results.

LAURIE B. (Alexandria, US)
A slight miss

I very much enjoy the juices and shots not to mention the salads. I ordered a progression after trying a few items. I was super eager to pick it up and get into my cleanse. Due to some unfortunate events, my order was not there. A fine young worker took initiative after not being able to reach owner or management. To his credit, he tried to put together the set from the stock. A few of the bottles did not sustain the time. Customer service reached out to explain the error and promised a gift certificate for the bottles that fermented. I haven't yet received the gift certificate. The juices that I was able to drink were delicious.

Anna F. (Baltimore, US)
Healthy & delicious

Always healthy and delicious. the Progression Cleanse never fails me.