Chrysalis Healing Oils

Chrysalis Healing Oil is a uniquely powerful skin-healing serum made only of concentrated, active plant oils and vitamins. There are no cheap carrier oils or artificial chemicals or additives, so you get the purest, most potent, most effective elixir possible--nature's medicine, direct. Deeply nourishing without being greasy or clogging pores, the plant actives in Chrysalis Oil work with your skin to protect, rejuvenate, and heal it. A little goes a long way! For all skin types. 

As with all the Chrysalis products, the focus is on creating the most powerful, transformative treatment possible--period.  And that's why Philosophie is offering it to you.

Skin Medicine.  Our complaints about our skin can be complex, but the solutions shouldn't be.  The purest oils of nature are more effective because they work with your skin instead of trying to control it.  These oils won't clog the skin--they do the opposite by softening sebum to resolve acne, shrink pores, and sort the reasons behind the problems.  

And from the first application (just 3 drops will do it!), you'll notice petal-soft, totally reconditioned skin that feels younger and looks better in seconds.  

Our Chrysalis Healing Oil is skin food and beautifier in one.  Glow yourself!


  • jojoba oil
  • apricot seed oil
  • hemp oil 
  • avocado oil
  • pomegranate seed oil
  • rosehip seed oil
  • sea buckthorn seed oil
  • carrot seed oil
  • vitamin E
  • hyaluronic acid
  • essential oil of sweet orange

Take the Chrysalis Challenge!!  
Try it morning and night every day for one month, and see how things transform.  Your skin will drink up the fluid and begin renewing itself immediately. 

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