Superfood Quinoa Bowl

organic ingredients: quinoa (gently steamed), carrots, beets, kale, sprouted sunflower seeds, raisins, parsley. tahini dressing: tahini, olive oil, lemon, garlic, himalayan salt, red chili flake, filtered water.

Perhaps the most striking health benefit provided by quinoa is its overall nutrient richness. When the nutrient composition of this food is analyzed in depth, the results are unusual. While quinoa can be eaten in the same way as a grain, or ground into flour like is so commonly done with grains, it is high in protein and gluten-free, unlike grains.


Customer Reviews

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lanibas (Silver Spring, US)

Decided to try this bowl and loved it! Similar to the Thai Power Bowl but the raisins and beets add a really nice sweetness. Both bowls include delicious and filling ingredients that are nutritious.

Brenna S.

I felt very full and satisfied after this delicious bowl and I will be ordering a lot more

Ariana G. (Washington, US)
Yummy & very filling

Loved everything about this salad. It was almost too big of a portion but I managed ;)

Allison H. (Chevy Chase, US)

I loved this salad so much!! It had such a great nutty taste and felt so good to my body!

Eve (Philadelphia, US)
Squash was a disappointment

Overall, salad and dressing were very good, but the squash did not add anything to the taste of the dish. I really like butternut squash, but the squash in the salad tasted as if it had been boiled, so it was quite tasteless. Needed to be roasted to bring out the flavor.