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Clear Verde


Greens are the powerhouse of detoxification. Dive into this ultra cleanse that combines greens, activated charcoal lemon-aid, and e3Live for the ultimate experience. Purchase as a cleanse or spread out a one day package over 3 days for a more gentle infusion of phyto-nutrients. Each day of cleanse includes:

  • Black Magic 
  • 2 Green Goddess
  • Daily Green
  • Cucumber
  • Sweet Green Nut Mylk
  • e3Live Shot
  • Kale Shot

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Clear Verde

I really enjoyed this 3 day cleanse and would do it again. I chose this one because I have been drinking celery juice in the morning and wanted to continue with it on the cleanse. I also chose this one because it seems lower in sugar and includes more greens the others. I felt lighter and healthier after the 3 days. Perfect way to transition into spring!

An Energy Boost

This a very good cleanse that makes your feel re-energized and refreshed. The flavors are great too.

Great feeling when you cleanse!

This is my third time doing the Clear Verde cleanse.
Always feel clean and have more energetic afterwards.
Also crave more healthy foods versus junk food.

So good

I tried the Clear Verde after reading such great reviews about it online, I am writing this review literally after purchasing the pack again because it was just that amazing! My system is flushed my puffy eyes have been resolved (I also drank about two liters of water a day as well) but this combo really worked for me and that’s after breaking it up over the course of two days (three a day). I absolutely recommend if you need a reset. Good Luck!


I really enjoyed my juices. Second round! Easy delivery, great service, yummy, and just a great product! Thank you!