Pyro (previously known as Fireball)


organic ingredients: ginger, turmeric, lemon, cayenne

The name says it all. Potent and spicy combination to keep your immunity strong and your circulation kicking!

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan M. (Washington, US)
Pyro Shots

Refreshing and necessary!!

Laura V. (Baltimore, US)
Love these pyro shots!

I like this shot better than the all ginger one because it is a little bit more palatable and easier to get down (the ginger shot is STRONG) I think it has the perfect blend of all ingredients and gives me the boost I need for the day

B C. (Alexandria, US)
Easy way to get your fresh turmeric

I like these shots as it's often hard and laborious to get fresh turmeric. This is worth it.

Ro (Washington, US)
A Shot of Power

This feels really good for immunity -- the spike of ginger and heat with the turmeric.
Great in winter--and I think in Spring too.

Nancy (Kensington, US)
Fire Ball is the real deal

I love these little shots, my favorite has been the Detox shot - but I now have a new favorite. This is serious. No masking the true ingredients. Super healthy and easy to drink. Love it.