Fresh Fusion


Yes, you can eat on a cleanse! Start your day lightly with four detoxifying juices and finish off with a raw vegan meal by Puree. Ideal for first timers, maintenance, experienced cleansers, raw foodies, and those just wanting to check it out. Fresh Fusion is perfect for 3 days before and after your all juice cleanse, too. Each day you receive:

  • Mean Lemon-aid
  • Easy Green
  • Bunny Brew
  • Daily Green
  • 1 entree
  • 1 dessert or salad

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nicole (Reston, US)
Great Cleanse

I love juice cleanses but I’m also one of those people that needs solid food, so this was the perfect cleanse for me! All of the juices and food items were great! Looking forward to doing it again soon.

Veronica (Rockville, US)
Very easy and tasty

All the juices and foods tasted great, and it was plenty for me on a restful day ... I wound up saving the dessert until the next day!

CW (Chevy Chase, US)
I would do this once a week !

I loved the Fresh Fusion cleanse and will continue doing as often as possible.

Laura L. (Rockville, US)
Easier Than Expected

I did two days of Fresh Fusion for my first juice cleanse experience. It was easier than I expected! I never felt hungry. The juices and meals were delicious! I feel great and can’t wait to do it again.

Nicole (Silver Spring, US)
Will definitely but again

This cleanse was great. I was never hungry, actually almost always full. The entrees and desserts were impressively delicious. I also lost about 3 pounds and felt absolutely amazing. I had a lot of energy...enough to continue my workouts.