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30 Day Organic Celery Juice Challenge

$330.00 $297.00

organic ingredients: celery

  • Feel the power of adding celery juice to your day! 16 oz a day, first thing in the morning, is recommended. Or try more per day if you really need to re-boot! Just be sure to make a healthy, nutrient rich dinner as celery is not a meal replacement. 
  • Celery juice is not a passing trend or fad. It will still be here in twenty years time because it works. Celery juice is not backed by funding or an interest group with an agenda. The Global Celery Juice Movement that was originated by Anthony William is and always will be a grassroots movement that has grown rapidly because it actually works.
  • Puree wants you to try it for 30 days and see how you feel, and we are making it easy for you with savings! Simply add to cart and pick your first day for pickup. We will have fresh pressed celery ready for you every 3 days for pickup!
  • Please note fresh celery for 30 days is only available for pickup. If you need delivery, we offer frozen celery, which you can defrost daily or a few at a time. Please order your challenge for delivery here: Frozen 30 Celery Challenge!

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