Lemon water, warm or cold, has long been viewed as a healthy addition to a balanced diet. Studies have found that a glass of lemon water should be consumed first thing in the morning in order to maximize its benefits. If drinking a full glass of water the moment you wake up sounds like a lot, you can ease into it by gradually increasing the amount of lemon water you drink, or you can also purchase our Mean Lemon-Aid, which has a smidge of cayenne pepper to aid circulation (thank you, on cold mornings!), and a tad of agave to balance out the flavors. 

Hot water with lemon and a little bit of honey can be a great alternative to tea or coffee, particularly if you have a sore throat. Keep reading to discover the long-term benefits attributed to drinking a glass of lemon water each day. If you want to dig deeper into the research, here is an additional good read.
1. Hydration

Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning rehydrates you and flushes out your digestive system. Warm water is particularly good for this, but any temperature will do. Most people go 8-10 hours without drinking anything after they go to bed, so it makes sense that your body needs additional hydration first thing in the morning. This also jumpstarts your metabolism, making you more alert first thing in the morning and improving your energy levels throughout the day.

2. Digestion 

Due to its high citric acid content, lemon water aids in digestion by interacting with your body's natural enzymes.

3. Improves Metabolism   

Drinking lemon water in the morning has been proven to increase metabolic rates by up to 30%, leading to a healthier weight and increased long-term health.

4. Boosts Nutrients Levels

Lemon water can also help you to better absorb nutrients. Ideally, you should drink your lemon water about half an hour before you eat breakfast. This will maximize its digestive and absorption benefits.

5. Aids Your Immune System  

Lemons are known for their Vitamin C and potassium content, so consuming lemon water in the morning can give your immune system a boost and possibly reduce your stress levels by decreasing adrenal function.

6. Good for Your Skin

Flushing out your system with lemon water can also help to clear up your skin. Vitamin C increases collagen production, one of the main factors leading to smooth and healthy looking skin.

7. Aids Your Liver  

Rehydrating can also improve liver function. Lemon stimulates acid and bile production in the stomach, so a glass of lemon water can kill two birds with one stone and wake up your liver and lymphatic system.
If you're looking for something to round out your healthy diet, drinking lemon water will go a long way. Once you start this routine, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!